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Diamond develops optical interconnect solutions for harsh conditions

To combat the harsh conditions experienced outdoors or in industrial applications, Diamond has developed a wide range of strong and customisable optical interconnect solutions built around its Diamond Multipurpose DM4 insert.

The insert incorporates four optical or electrical termini ideal for hybrid electrical/optical applications. The optical termini are assembled with the company’s active core alignment (ACA) process, allowing for a combination of excellent fibre core concentricity and optical performance. In addition, IP ratings are met through solid connector construction with fortified ingress protection.

The new insert is the core of the existing HE-2000, MIL-38999 DM and MIL-83526 DM Diamond connectors, and it is constructed to fit into a variety of different connector housings, ensuring compatibility with tight and semi-loose cable/fibre construction.

Based on a 2.5mm fibre optic ferrule, the DM termini uses integrated springs to avoid contact interruptions, which allows for timely and simple assembly and repair.


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