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DIAMOND introduces the new hybrid E/O rugged connector for harsh environment

The MIL-83526 DM connector is the most recent product developed for harsh environments. It incorporates four termini based on DIAMOND's two-component ferrules, assembled with our Active Core Alignment (ACA) process for unparalleled optical performances. This connector is available for MM, SM (PC/APC) and small core single mode fibre, polarization-maintaining (PM) fibre, and other specialty fibre types. Furthermore, this connector can also include electrical contacts for hybrid E/O applications.

DIAMOND has been recognised as a world leader in providing high-precision, fibre-optic interconnect solutions for more than 30 years, and offers a comprehensive line of rugged, high-performance and practical connectors specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility, modularity and durability in challenging conditions. We develop reliable and technically advanced solutions, as well as design and deliver highly customised products to the military and defence markets.

Features and benefits of the new connector include: rugged construction for reliable optical connections; IP68 rated; a ferrule front-face access for easy cleaning and inspection; keyed, self-aligning, connector housing aides in ‘blind mating’ applications; electrical pin size 20 AWG; and easy termini insertion and removal for field termination and repair.

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