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ECI launches 1.2T dual channel blade

Now available from ECI is the TM1200, a 1.2T blade (dual 600G channel) that allows for a programmable, adaptive optical network.

The TM1200 delivers spectral efficiency and elasticity through software-controllable continuous modulation. It maximises capacity in a granular manner, delivering software-controlled continuous modulation in 50Gb/s increments up to 600Gb/s line rate, rather than supporting specific modulation schemes. This means the optimal modulation scheme and transmission rate can be adjusted, and the sweet spot for maximising line rates discovered, for any given optical route or set of channel conditions.

It can be applied to upgrade brownfield deployments with fixed 50G/100G ITU spacing, and also to optimise greenfield deployments that have a mix of fixed and flexible spectrum channel spacing. In addition, by operating at the edge of the Shannon limit, the dual channel blade squeezes the maximum capacity from each channel on a fibre, delaying the need to add new fibre and optical networking infrastructure.

Excess capacity can be allocated dynamically to fully or partially restore client services that are disrupted by fibre or equipment failures elsewhere in the network. At a 600Gb/s line rate, the ECI TM1200 has a 10-fold improvement in power efficiency compared to other solutions, consuming less than 0.18W per Gb/s, fully populated.


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