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Ensemble Simulator software designed for virtual end-to-end network testing

Adva has launched its Ensemble Simulator to allow operators to accurately and reliably evaluate network growth strategies and verify interworking with umbrella management systems in a safe virtual test environment. 

The new software tool precisely mirrors production networks for risk-free testing, training and development. It empowers multiple users to work independently in a virtual sandbox to evaluate configurations, verify APIs and simulate what-if scenarios. 

Hosted on a self-provided server or in the cloud, Ensemble Simulator significantly reduces the cost and unpredictability of network upgrades, accelerates innovation adoption and improves quality of experience for end users.

It offers a virtual training, development and test environment designed to help users explore, evaluate and integrate ADVA’s FSP 3000 and FSP 150-XG400 Series networking technologies without requiring investment in costly physical infrastructure. The solution empowers network operators to simulate both optical and packet network elements as well as large multi-node networks. It also provides simple testing and integration of SDN and orchestrator functions with network element software APIs. At the touch of a button, each individual user can access their own dedicated environment as they simulate faults and verify network responses, helping to speed up new technology adoption cycles and support DevOps methodologies.


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