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Exfo launches 400G dual-port field test solution

Exfo has launched the FTBx-88480, a dual-port test solution for fibre-optic transmission rates from 1G to 400G. The device features a modular, upgradable design to extend operators’ capex investments, and a cloud-based collaborative software platform that connects all parts of network test ecosystems in real time for optimized field testing, reporting, troubleshooting and more.

The 1G to 400G dual-port capability of the FTBx-88480 allows field technicians to validate two circuits simultaneously for increased efficiency. The FTBx-88480’s design also enables testing 100G transceivers as well as next-generation 400G transceivers which are rapidly being adopted in today’s

The FTBx-88480’s intuitive GUI and support for multiple technologies enable field technicians to test different technologies, rates and interfaces using a single, compact platform. Exfo’s Open Transceiver System (OTS) protects current investments in transceiver testing while ensuring compatibility with future high-speed transceivers through a unique system of swappable modules. With future-proof 112G electrical lanes, the FTBx-88480 is purpose-built for testing next-generation 100G-400G transceivers.



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