F8MY-SR4 tap

Comcraft's new F8MY-SR4 tap is intended for 40 gigabit fibre optic networks, such as those found in data centres and enterprise-level network architectures. As a connectivity product, it can be deployed with packet flow switches, security tools and consolidating tools; practical applications include network monitoring and protocol analysis. Network and data professionals can parse any information necessary from the network stream for a variety of data analyses.

The F8MY-SR4 is an in-line product, enabling quiet monitoring of all network traffic. More importantly, Comcraft fibre optic taps are passive, non-powered devices that introduce no errors into the stream and are not a point of failure.

In the near future, Comcraft plans to develop a 100G-SR10 fibre optic tap. Under the Profitap label, Comcraft also manufactures taps for copper lines and industrial networks. All products are protected by a two-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.


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