Fast and Affordable Optical Transceiver Wavelength Testing

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The 338 Series Optical Wavelength Meter from Bristol Instruments combines speed and affordability to address the most critical requirements of optical transceiver manufacturers.
The wavelength of CW and modulated signals is measured to an accuracy has high as
± 0.3 pm. A measurement rate of 25 Hz results in reduced testing times. And, its price, along with a five-year warranty, provides the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the system. 

  • Accuracy as high as ± 0.3 pm
  • Measurement rate of 25 Hz
  • Attractive price with a five-year warranty


FormFactor's fast photonic wafer probers enable rapid tests through faster photonic alignment than previously possible. (Credit: FormFactor Inc)

24 August 2021

EXFO solutions test up to 800GbE with ultimate flexibility in lab and field – LTB-12 and FTB-4 Pro test platforms with FTBx-88460 modules, BA-4000 electrical bit-error rate tester and EA-4000 sampling scope

03 May 2022