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Fluke upgrades LinkIQ for IP network testing

Fluke Networks has upgraded its LinkIQ™ Cable+Network Tester,  in order to expand its ability to test and troubleshoot IP networks, and support users in 12 languages. 

The new release includes expanded network testing – with version 1.1, customers can now verify connectivity and response time to key network devices with one touch of the screen. LinkIQ can also now be configured to perform IPv4 or v6 ping tests and will display the response time for four pings to a target device of the user’s choosing. The test results display the DNS and DHCP servers and the gateway router. LinkIQ also displays the IP address of the nearest switch. The new version of LinkWare PC includes this information in its test reporting.

Cable performance tests up to 100Mb/s can now be specified for two-pair cables, widely used in industrial environments, while the LinkIQ user interface now supports 12 languages.

When it comes to reporting, a new version of the LinkWare PC software is also available. This new version provides reports including the expanded network testing, allowing users to document their work. 

This new software is shipping in all new LinkIQ units and is available as a free upgrade to existing customers.


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