Focis Pro automatic fibre inspection

Fujikura Europe (FEL) has introduced a family of Focis Pro automatic fibre inspection solutions.

Aimed at providing network personnel with an automated solution for analysis and documentation of fibre connector cleanliness and integrity, the Focis Pro completely eliminates the subjective aspect of fibre inspection.

Designed for all inspection tasks, Focis Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use alternative to existing inspection solutions. The optical resolution and detection specifications exceed current international standards, and software-based applications are upgradeable making Focis Pro solutions truly future-proof.

'With the substantial growth in data traffic and associated higher data rates, the demand for exceptional performance of network systems is becoming more and more crucial,' said Ian Tweedle, sales manager for FEL’s test equipment division. 'It is therefore imperative that fibres are clean and free from defects. The Focis Pro delivers a solution for these specific requirements.'

The Focis Pro System consists of the DFD1 Touch Screen Tablet, DFS1 Digital FibreScope, and the new SimpleView Pro software. The system is capable of centring a fibre image, identifying critical core, cladding, adhesive and contact zones, while detecting and categorising the types of defects found.

Fujikura says the software analyses a typical fibre in less than five seconds. Its ‘zoom/pan’ feature combined with a large, clear and robust display enables users to identify the smallest particles, scratches and imperfections.


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