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Henkel reveals new adhesive for optical component assembly

Now available from Henkel’s Adhesive Electronics division is an adhesive designed for streamlined assembly of optical components and modules.

Loctite Stycast OS 8300 is a two-part, dispensable epoxy adhesive that is conducive to high volume manufacturing requirements, designed for the bonding of fibre and glass in optical fibre applications. It has an adhesion bond strength on multiple substrates – including glass and FR4 laminate – is 18kg. This is as per internal lab testing with a sample cured at 150°C, die shear strength at 25°C on glass to glass, 2 x 2 mm die, Kg>15.  

In addition to a strong bond, the adhesive is formulated with a matched refractive index for optimal light transmission, has low weight loss for reduced risk of optical component contamination, and an improved work life to enable extended processing time. These properties ideally place the material for FAU, ROADM and optical cable assemblies.

To meet the demand for telecom and datacom components, high-throughput production is essential, and the company says that Loctite Stycast OS 8300 has fast dispensing speeds and quick curing capability, which can facilitate the pace of high-volume optical component assembly. It offers quick cure at relatively low temperature (80°C), while the ability to store material at room temperature before mixing also allows optoelectronics manufacturers to reduce energy cost and support sustainability objectives.


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