II-VI WaveShaper range expanded for C+L band operation

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II‐VI Incorporated has extended its WaveShaper programmable optical processor and filter product lines for operation in the optical communications C+L band.

System architects are expanding transmission capacity in optical networks by offering systems that cover both the C and L bands, therefore driving the demand for instruments that operate over the combined wavelength range. 

The new WaveShaper instruments are programmable to any combination of attenuation and phase profiles over the entire C+L band to emulate real network conditions. These products come with a new powerful network simulator function that streamlines the performance evaluation of high-speed signals transmitting through a series of reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) systems.

The range is available in both single- and 4-port configurations, corresponding to the filter and the processor, respectively. The WaveShaper product line integrates a web server that supports a graphical user interface (GUI) and an applications programming interface (API).

You can see the new range, alongside II-VI’s portfolio of optical communications products virtually at OFC 2021.

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