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II-VI WaveShaper range expanded for C+L band operation

II‐VI Incorporated has extended its WaveShaper programmable optical processor and filter product lines for operation in the optical communications C+L band.

System architects are expanding transmission capacity in optical networks by offering systems that cover both the C and L bands, therefore driving the demand for instruments that operate over the combined wavelength range. 

The new WaveShaper instruments are programmable to any combination of attenuation and phase profiles over the entire C+L band to emulate real network conditions. These products come with a new powerful network simulator function that streamlines the performance evaluation of high-speed signals transmitting through a series of reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer (ROADM) systems.

The range is available in both single- and 4-port configurations, corresponding to the filter and the processor, respectively. The WaveShaper product line integrates a web server that supports a graphical user interface (GUI) and an applications programming interface (API).

The Waveshaper made its debut at the virtual OFC event, where Sanjai Parthsarathi, II-VI chief marketing officer told Fibre Systems: ‘We’re not a large test and measurement player but our monitoring platform has been packaged as test and measurement and we launched the Waveshaper. The unique thing about this test system is that the market is moving from just C band to C+L band and this system allows you to do testing all the way from the C to the L band, so you don’t need separate equipment for each band, which is really neat.' 

II‐VI also used the virtual event to showcase its range of 100Gb/s indium phosphide (InP) directly modulated lasers (DMLs) for high-speed transceivers and optical monitoring system (OMS) for optical transport and access networks.  


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