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Infinera expands OLS capabilities of Groove 30 platform

Infinera has enhanced the open line system (OLS) capabilities of the Infinera Groove G30 Network disaggregation platform.

The new Infinera Groove G30 OLS capabilities enable network operators to enhance optical network scalability and configuration flexibility as end-user services drive increased demand for network capacity. Open line systems such as this disaggregate wavelength-division multiplexing transport into functional blocks with open application programming interfaces and end-to-end software-defined network management and control. With an OLS architecture, network operators can reduce vendor lock-in and speed innovation, while lowering capital and operational expenditures.

The OLS enhancements include optical protection switching (OPSM); a colourless, flexible grid add/drop (CAD8/8E); optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR); an in-line amplifier (ILA); optical power monitoring (OCM); and capabilities that leverage 75GHz grid filters to support high-baud-rate wavelengths up to 64QAM 600 gigabits per second, with up to 64 wavelengths per filter enabling scalability to 38.4 terabits per second per fibre pair.


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