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Infinera turbo-charges optical engine

Infinera has introduced the ICE6 Turbo, a coherent optical solution that can operate above 100GBd.

Produced in Infinera’s in-house, U.S.-based fabrication centre, ICE6 Turbo is a performance-optimised configuration of Infinera’s 1.6T (2 x 800G) ICE6 coherent optical engine.

With the introduction of the Turbo mode, ICE6 is able to provide up to a 30 per cent performance boost in high-speed applications. The result is a solution that enables network operators to support 4 x 400 GbE services using a single optical engine across long-haul distances and 3 x 400 GbE services across ultra-long-haul distances, driving down the cost per bit of delivering high-speed optical services. By supporting more 400 GbE services in a single optical engine across longer distances, ICE6 Turbo can provide economic benefits to network operators.

It leverages the capabilities of the company’s monolithic indium phosphide-based photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology and is enabled by the holistic co-design of the various optical engine components and pioneering optical networking features including second-generation Nyquist subcarriers, long-codeword probabilistic constellation shaping (LC-PCS), dynamic bandwidth allocation, and soft-decision forward error correction (SD-FEC) gain sharing.

As with currently available ICE6 solutions, ICE6 Turbo will be available in both C- and L-band variants and will be showcased at OFC 2022 in San Diego. ICE6 Turbo functionality will be generally available in the early fourth quarter of 2022.

Ron Johnson, general manager at Infinera’s Optical Systems & Network Solutions Group said: ‘ICE6 Turbo builds on Infinera’s heritage of delivering innovative optical solutions that provide meaningful value for our customers. ICE6 Turbo further pushes the boundaries of optical performance, enabling our customers to rapidly scale their networks with industry-leading economics.’



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