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Infinera introduces XR optics for coherent sub-carrier aggregation at ECOC

Infinera took to the show floor at the recent ECOC exhibition to reveal XR optics, a point-to-multipoint coherent optical sub-carrier aggregation technology optimised for hub-and-spoke traffic patterns.

Where connections in optical transport networks have historically been implemented using point-to-point technology, which require matching transceivers of identical speed on each end of the fibre link, XR optics is designed to break the associated limitations with this technology.

Powered by independently routable Nyquist sub-carriers and coherent optical aggregation capabilities, XR optics technology enables a single high-speed transceiver to simultaneously send and receive independent data streams to/from numerous low-speed transceivers.

By leveraging these capabilities, network operators can reduce the number of transceivers in the network, and eliminate the need for intermediate aggregation devices. The new technology is also designed to be integrated into a variety of form factors, including industry-standard pluggables, from low-speed interfaces with a single sub-carrier to high-speed (400G+) interfaces with numerous sub-carriers.

Dave Welch, founder and chief innovation officer at Infinera said: ‘We’re excited to introduce the revolutionary concept of coherent sub-carrier aggregation, one that will redefine the cost structure of next-generation transport networks. XR optics addresses a fundamental deficiency in optical communications technology and is expected to have a significant impact on any network that implements an aggregation function.’


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