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MACOM introduces 64GBd quad-channel modulator driver

Semiconductor supplier M/A-COM Technology Solutions has introduced the MAOM-006428, a 64GBd quad-channel linear Mach-Zehnder modulator driver. This device will support data rates of 400Gb/s and beyond on a single wavelength for long-haul communications using coherent technology.

By increasing the data rate on a single wavelength, operators can increase capacity and reduce the overall cost-per-bit of transmission. Metro networks can use higher-order modulation formats at 32GBd to achieve this, but these higher-order modulation formats such as 32- and 64-QAM have very limited reach due to signal-to-noise requirements. Long-haul networks therefore require the use of higher baud rates up to 64G to achieve data rates of 400G on a single wavelength.

MACOM’s MAOM-006428 modulator driver features surface mount inputs and G3PO outputs to mate with the next-generation high-bandwidth modulator, which is currently being standardised by the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF). The device has linear performance to support higher order modulation formats with low power consumption, and a compact form factor of 275mm2.

‘We believe that the MAOM-006428, in addition to being the industry’s first 64GBd linear modulator driver, provides customers with a revolutionary package design that delivers the high performance required by 64GBd in a cost-effective form factor,’ said Ray Moroney, director of product marketing for high-performance analogue at MACOM.


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