AFL develops high-temp fibre-optic cable structure

AFL is introducing a new fibre-optic cable structure with proven performance to 300°C. Intended for long-term installation scenarios, the new high-temperature fibre-optic cable structure can be optimised to suit the environmental conditions that it will experience in service. Optical integrity up to 300°C has been validated via what the company describes as “unique processing of the fibres and cables” within its manufacturing facilities.

AFL can customise the design to meet specific needs including different fibre counts, fibre types, metal types, tube sizes, belting materials, armour type, armour size, armour count, encapsulation types, colour, print, packaging and length. The cable can be constructed with Stainless Steel 316, Inconel 825 or Incolloy 625 materials. Pure core singlemode, multimode and custom optical fibre structures are available.

AFL is exhibiting the new high-temperature cables at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas, 1–4 May. Visit booth #378 at OTC to learn more.


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