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Closure line designed to reduce installation time

The Apex closure line from AFL is designed to improve usability, decrease installation time, increase network reliability, and increase density of fibre splices.

Field installers and engineers can perform 1,728 splices inside of a 20-inch long dome or 3,456 splices inside a 25-inch long dome. With an easy-to-use wedge-based gel sealing system, installation time is drastically decreased as network reliability increases.

Apex is designed to be a modern solution for modern problems. A smaller closure with higher density means it’s easier to maximise available space when space is a premium. 

The wedge-based sealing system with cable strain relief allows a cable to be installed into the closure and sealed in seconds, thus reducing overall installation time. The universal splice holder module eliminates the need to stock different splice trays or splice holders for different jobs.


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