Flex-Span ADSS

AFL is expanding its All-Dielectric Self-Supporting (ADSS) product line with the introduction of Flex-Span ADSS, an aerial fibre optic cable engineered for demanding environmental conditions.

Flex-Span allows for a broader combination of fibre counts and span lengths, providing greater flexibility in product selection and design options.

‘As AFL expanded its ADSS cable solution, we focused on the needs of our customers,’ commented Jon Potter, product manager for AFL’s cable line. ‘Flex-Span is a customisable, highly optimised solution that is easy-to-use and ideal for aerial applications where short to mid-span length is needed.’
Similar to standard ADSS, Flex-Span uses dry-core technology and contains gel-filled buffer tubes that are S-Z stranded for easy mid-span access. Flex-Span requires no support or messenger wire easing installation.
Flex-Span is available with up to 144 fibres and any type or combination of single-mode or multimode fibres within the cable. Span lengths are between 50 to 1100 feet and recommended for use with helical wrap style hardware.


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