432-fiber Telcordia GR-20 compliant MicroCore cable

AFL's OSP MicroCore air-jetted fibre optic cable product line has expanded with the introduction of a 432-fiber Telcordia GR-20 compliant MicroCore cable.

With a 12.6 mm outer diameter, the 432-fiber OSP MicroCore is one of the world's smallest high fibre count fibre optic cables with a stranded core geometry designed for easy mid-span access and fibre express through applications typically used in the FTTx market.

'AFL's new 432-fiber OSP MicroCore fibre optic cable offers network designers greater flexibility in deploying multi-microduct optical pathway infrastructures that are easily upgradeable and cost-effective,' commented Stephen Martin, product manager for AFL. 'Given our extended product line offering, from 12 to 432 fibres, we are able to provide solutions for a multitude of applications.'

The OSP MicroCore technology combines the latest in cable material and design engineering. Durable and easy to handle, the OSP MicroCore cable is capable of withstanding over 300 pounds of tensile load bearing and is suitable in operating temperature ranges found in most outside plant FTTx environments. With its ease of use and upgradeability, the OSP MicroCore cable is an ideal solution for outside plant installations, campus inter-building backbone distribution and low-cost fiber upgrade migration strategies.


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