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Macom presents complete chipset for 10G PON deployments

Macom Technology Solutions has announced what it believes is the industry’s first and only complete chipset for 10Gb/s passive optical network (PON) applications.

The availability of all products from the same supplier will accelerate the deployment of 10G PON systems by make it easier and more cost-effective for customers to integrate the various parts when designing and building optical line terminal (OLT) and optical network unit (ONU) equipment.

“The shift to 10G GPON is underway with initial deployments in all major regions worldwide,” commented Julie Kunstler, principal analyst, Ovum. “In the ultra-cost sensitive, highly-competitive fibre access market, Macom’s technology and product developments to minimise both integration complexities and costs while reducing deployments times will be well received.”

Macom’s 10G PON portfolio features its electro-optic modulated lasers (EOMLs), complemented by a comprehensive range of pre-qualified, interoperable avalanche photodiodes (APDs), transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs), laser drivers, and clock and data recover (CDR) chips.

The EOML combines a distributed feedback laser (DFB) with a silicon photonic modulator, integrated on Macom’s L-PIC platform. The patented Etched Facet Technology in the laser enables high-volume, low-cost laser manufacturing, by allowing lasers to be tested while still on the wafer. The EOML technology overcomes the performance, yield and cost limitations of electro-absorptive modulated lasers (EMLs), according to Macom.

“MACOM’s deep application expertise and end-to-end chip-set enables customers to go to market with tightly-integrated 10G PON systems at aggressive timescales, significantly shortening the design and development cycles required to independently validate component interoperability,” said Vivek Rajgarhia, senior vice president and general manager for Macom’s lightwave business unit.

Macom’s 10G PON portfolio for OLT and ONU includes:

  • M02180 burst-mode laser driver and limiting amplifier with integrated CDR
  • M02172 11.3Gb/s EML driver
  • M02142: 11.3Gb/s burst-mode limiting amplifier
  • MATA-02135 10Gb/s high-sensitivity TIA
  • MATA-02238 10.3Gb/s dual-rate burst-mode TIA
  • MAMF-011095 L-PIC controller chip
  • APD10B and APD10B/ES avalanche photodiode chip or chip-on-carrier
  • 127D-10I-LT5CC directly modulated 10Gb/s DFB laser diode chips at 1270nm
  • 127D-02I-VT5AB directly modulated 2.5Gb/s 1270 nm DFB narrow farfield laser diode chips

Samples are available now, with full production planned for the first half of 2018.


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