MicroCare displays CleanClicker push-to-clean tool

MicroCare, a manufacturer of cleaning, coating and lubrication products, will showcase the newest additions to its Sticklers family of fibre-optic cleaning tools at the OFC exposition in Los Angeles, California, from 24-26 March 2015.

Sticklers products are popular for fibre cleaning, the company says. At OFC, the company will showcase the new CleanClicker push-to-clean tools, which deliver a lower cost-per-cleaning in a convenient, ergonomic cleaning tool.

Containing more than 750 cleaning ‘clicks’ the CleanClicker tools are available in three sizes: 2.5mm, 1.2mm and the fast-growing MTP/MPO parallel fibre configurations often used in data centres, central offices and cable TV head ends.

Perhaps most importantly, unlike cheaper ‘clicker’ products, the CleanClicker is built to Sticklers standards of quality, with a gentle activation that minimises the risk of damaging the end face or the connector.

Also at OFC 2015, the Sticklers team will be offering fibre-optic cleaning kits with a variety of tools in the kits. This allows companies to buy the size kit they need, from 1,000 clean connectors to over 3,000 connectors. With the Sticklers cleaning kits customers meet their need with one convenient package from the industry’s easiest-to-work-with vendor.

The full range of Stickers fibre cleaning products will be exhibited on booth #507.


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