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NeoPhotonics exhibits micro integrated coherent receiver

Components and subsystems developer NeoPhotonics has launched a micro-integrated coherent receiver (Micro-ICR), which is designed to support the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) implementation agreement OIF-DPC-MRX-02.0, Type 1. The new receiver is suitable for use in coherent analogue CFP2-ACO pluggable modules as well as in high-density line cards.

The Micro-ICR has a compact form factor that is approximately one quarter the size of the standard OIF 1.2 Type 1 ICR and half the size of the new OIF 1.2 Type 2 ICR. The device also offers advanced features for optical power monitoring and adjustment using variable optical attenuators and is designed for use with a single laser for both the local oscillator and the transmitter.

“We are excited to use our hybrid photonic integration technology in our Micro-ICR to take another significant step in reducing the size of 100G optical components and thus allow our customers to increase the density of their 100G and beyond line cards,” said Tim Jenks, chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics.  “We are increasing manufacturing capacity to meet market demand for our currently shipping 100G coherent optical components and plan to transition that capacity to our newer, higher density 100G and 400G products as demand grows.”

This new Micro-ICR joins a broad suite of optical products for 100G coherent communications from NeoPhotonics, including the OIF 1.2 Type 2 small form factor ICR (Type 2 ICR) and the high-power, narrow-linewidth micro-integrable tunable laser assembly (micro-ITLA), both of which are now generally available and shipping to customers. These small form factor products are also designed to scale to 200G and 400G applications using higher-order modulation schemes. In addition, NeoPhotonics is continuing volume shipments and increasing manufacturing capacity for its standard OIF 1.2 Type 1 ICR and its standard power ultra-narrow linewidth external cavity micro-ITLA.

NeoPhotonics will exhibit its suite of standard and small form factor PIC-based components and its modular multi-cast switches, both for 100G coherent line-side applications, along with its 100G client-side CFP2 and CFP4 transceivers and its next-generation transceivers for access networks in booth 1511 at OFC 2015 in Los Angeles, California, on 24-26 March.


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