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NeoPhotonics samples ClearLight CFP-DCO pluggable coherent module

Optical components and subsystems developer NeoPhotonics has initiated sampling of its coherent CFP-DCO module as the latest member of its ClearLight family of pluggable coherent modules.

Using the latest advances in 16nm digital signal processor (DSP) chips, the ClearLight digital coherent optics (DCO) platform integrates all the necessary elements to form a complete coherent transceiver that can be plugged into any client port to extend the range and capacity of optical transmission.

The ClearLight CFP-DCO transponder is available in single-wavelength 100G and 200G versions, to support applications ranging from data centre interconnect (DCI) through to long-haul transmission. The 100Gb/s version uses a standard 100 Gigabit Ethernet or OTU-4 interface that can plug directly into existing 100G CFP slots.

NeoPhotonics says its ClearLight CFP-DCO platform is based on optical components with performance capabilities that have already been proven in high-volume production. These include a high-power tunable laser with what the company claims is the narrowest linewidth and the lowest power consumption in the industry, a low insertion loss modulator capable of higher-order modulation, a high-responsivity receiver and a low-power digital signal processor. These features enable the ClearLight CFP-DCO to deliver performance without compromise, as it offers both high optical performance and low electrical power consumption.

The ClearLight 100G CFP-DCO provides a significantly higher transmitter optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR) by providing the necessary output optical power level while eliminating the booster amplifier. This high OSNR is ideal for enabling longer transmission distances and colourless-directionless-contentionless (CDC) ROADM operation.

Commenting on the announcement, Tim Jenks, chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics, said: “Our new ClearLight CFP-DCO 100G pluggable coherent transponder represents a powerful new platform product for NeoPhotonics, and we are pleased to initiate sampling to customers. This exciting new product is made possible by our advanced hybrid photonic integration technology, coupled with the latest advances in 16nm coherent DSPs, and provides our customers with a flexible, high-performance pluggable coherent module for their high-speed networks.”


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