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New Senko mass fibre inspection device to aid ‘hard-pressed’ installers

Senko Advanced Components unveiled the Smart Probe 2 fibre optic inspection device at ANGA COM.

The probe is designed to provide quick, efficient analysis of fibre during endface inspection, allowing data centres and telecoms providers to save maintenance time and help prevent network failures. Speaking to Fibre Systems at ANGA COM, European sales manager, David Asprey said: ‘The new design does the job in hand when it comes to mass deployment and generates reports quickly.’

Featuring wi fi that connects to both Android and Apple devices, and designed with the hard-pressed installer in mind, the Smart Probe 2 records and archives results to aid the analysis and traceability of fibre connectivity issues. It comes with the VUE3 app featuring pass/fail analytical software and a flexible data archiving tool that enables the operator to upload results of fibre inspections in as much detail as required.

It also includes a built-in capture button, a five-hour battery life and an LED light to illuminate the adapter being inspected providing high-visibility in both high-density data centres and poorly lit telecom cabinets. The Smart Probe 2 is an upgrade to the company’s original Smart Probe, with many improvements based on customer feedback.

The accompanying VUE3 app is an automated IEC 61300-3-35 end-face inspection app, which provides end users with a field portable solution for the inspection of optical interfaces. It provides the capability to inspect and analyse the end face of fibre optic connectors for contamination and other defects. The app provides an easy user-interface for greater visibility during inspection in order to identify the improvements needed.

The new device also features the auto increment and auto archiving functions which allow the operator, in a few keystroked, to set up the accompanying VUE3 app to automatically number each inspection and gather the inspection results under a group heading. The installer can then review this consolidated report later and make edits before uploading, allowing them greater control of the report for improved visibility and traceability.

A wide range of inspection tips are available. For the FTTA market an ODC tip is under development and expected to launch by the autumn and the company is currently looking for new partners in Europe with access to installer networks.

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