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EXFO Optical Xplorer to make testing simple for frontline technicians

EXFO launched the Optical Xplorer at the recent ANGA COM event.

The optical fibre multi metre (OFM) was designed to make testing simple for frontline technicians, whether they are a beginner or an expert, radically speeding up the process while empowering them to do more on-site.

The company says that the Optical Xplorer is more than an improvement on existing test tools—it takes a completely new approach to installation, turn-up and repair. It verifies optical links in seconds, and if faults are suspected, it finds and identifies them automatically.

Stephen Bull, EXFO’s vice-president, research and development said: ‘Powered by multiple patent-pending technologies, Optical Xplorer marks a turning point in the world of fibre testing,” said. “And it’s the kind of innovation that only EXFO, backed by unmatched fibre optic testing expertise, could invent, define and deliver.’

Added Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s vice-president, test and measurement: ‘Too often, frontline technicians are equipped with test tools that are a compromise between cost, complexity and functionality. Optical Xplorer will help operators and contractors accelerate ROI, improve first-time-right metrics and increase customer satisfaction by equipping their technicians with a purpose-built tool and leaner methods of procedure.’

Amongst the benefits of the OFM, is a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) through lifetime calibration and field replaceable connectors. Its lifetime calibration and patented Click-Out optical connector cut costly downtime and logistics associated with factory-based updates, maintenance and repairs. It also saves time by exploring only faulty links. The Fault Xplorer feature self-launches during the optical link verification process, automatically exploring only those links suspected as faulty, eliminating doubts while saving testing time. It validates link quality in seconds, assigning a 1- to 5-star rating. With the built-in EXFO Advisor feature, technicians get the benefit of EXFO’s expertise and sophisticated algorithms at the push of a button, assigning ratings to links based on industry best practices.


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