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Nexans launches next-gen fire resistant cable

Now available from Nexans are the Flowguard fire resistant optical fibre cables. 

These multi-micromodule cables are designed for indoor/outdoor installation in tunnels and public buildings such as hospitals, railway stations and airports, thanks to their increased fire safety and critical telecom communication systems.

The cables have demonstrated fire resistance of 120 minutes operational continuity, as specified by EN 50200.  The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) Rating for fire performance of the Flowguard is B2ca-s1a, d0, a1.

The cables are fully dielectric thanks to use of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) armour. This means no grounding is required and they are also more flexible and easier to handle than metallic armoured cables, whilst providing improved rodent protection. They are LSZH, waterproof, and operate over a wide temperature range. 

Flowguard cables have a central FRP strength member surrounded by micromodules, each with a maximum of 12 fibres-per-bundle. The design is reinforced by a layer of aramid yarns, a LSZH inner sheath, FRP armour and a LSZH outer sheath. A ripcord is placed beneath the inner and outer sheath for easy access to the micromodules.


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