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Oclaro samples dual micro-ITLA

Oclaro says it is sampling a new dual micro-ITLA (integrable tunable laser assembly) containing two micro-ITLA devices in the same package. The dual micro-ITLA enables a 25 per cent reduction in size and 1W lower power consumption compared to using two discrete micro-ITLAs, while providing the same optical performance and reliability as the discrete devices.

Using the new dual micro-ITLA, customers will now have the flexibility of using a separate laser for the transmit and local oscillator functions in their 100G/200G deployments, or they can use the device in dual-carrier applications for next-generation 200G/400G coherent links. This will enable customers to save significant board space on their line cards, which require components that provide high density and low power dissipation.

“Just as Oclaro enabled its customers to compete and win in the 100G market, Oclaro is now delivering the critical connectivity solutions for 200G and 400G networks needed to meet the world’s growing demand for more bandwidth,” said Richard Craig, president of the integrated photonics business at Oclaro. “Many of our customers are already completing 400G trials and Oclaro components will be there with the performance, power and size requirements needed to accelerate the deployment of these next generation networks.”

The dual micro-ITLA features Oclaro’s DS-DBR wideband tunable laser technology, which is based on a fully monolithic indium phosphide chip designed for high-volume and low-cost manufacturing. With no moving parts, the dual micro-ITLA is a low voltage, electronically tuned device that can enable rapid wavelength switching.

Oclaro says the new product is ideal for 200G and 400G coherent applications because its small footprint and reduced power consumption enable customers to design higher densities into their systems.

Key features of the dual micro-ITLA include: full C-band dual-laser tunable source (1529 -1568nm); high power of +15.5dBm nominal at end of life (EOL) and variable output power range of 8dB; 0.1GHz minimum channel grid spacing and an electronic shutter for dark tuning; low power dissipation of just 8W EOL; narrow line-width of 400kHz maximum, excellent SMSR >40dB, and low relative intensity noise (RIN).

The Oclaro dual micro-ITLA is sampling today and the company expects to begin ramping up volume production in April 2015.


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