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Oclaro unveils 64Gbaud components for 400G and 600G transmission

At ECOC 2017 in Sweden, Oclaro unveiled photonic integrated coherent transmitters (ICTs) and intradyne coherent receiver (ICRs) that enable optical transmission speeds up to 600Gb/s. Both products support baud rates up to 64Gbaud and complex modulation schemes up to 64-QAM.

These high-performance components can be configured for data rates from 100Gb/s to 600Gb/s, enabling customers to build modules supporting a variety of network applications from data centre interconnect (DCI) to ultra-long-haul transmission.

“With our ICR and ICT product offerings, customers will be able to design high-performance coherent systems that are both flexible in the bandwidth offered per port and cost competitive by maximising the data that can be carried on a single wavelength,” said Beck Mason, president, integrated photonics business unit at Oclaro.

The 64Gbaud ICT combines an ultra-narrow linewidth laser with a high-bandwidth dual QPSK Mach Zehnder modulator. Built-in semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs), a tunable filter and a variable optical attenuator (VOA) eliminate the need for external optical components and simplify assembly while enabling operation in colourless networks. The ICT provides a local oscillator (LO) feed with +12dBm output power for optimal receiver performance.

The 64Gbaud ICR is an integrated coherent receiver comprising an integrated monitor photodiode and VOA to support single-channel and multichannel applications in colourless networks. It is compliant with the form factor specified in OIF Implementation Agreement, OIF-DPC-MRX-01.0.

Oclaro says its 64Gbaud ICR almost doubles the bandwidth without changes in responsivity relative to 32Gbaud parts. This enables Oclaro's 64Gbaud ICT-ICR pair to meet link budgets in existing networks while more than doubling the capacity.

The compact form factors and integrated functionality (no external optical components needed) of the 64Gbaud ICT and ICR pair make them suitable for the stringent size requirements of 1.2Tb/s sleds in compact modular optical equipment.

Oclaro expects to sample its 64Gbaud ICR and ICT in calendar quarter Q4 2017.


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