OFS unveils MiDia Dry FX no-gel microcable

OFS, a developer of fibre-optic cable and connectivity products, has expanded its range of totally dry optical cables with a new microcable product line.

OFS' totally dry MiDia Dry FX microcable is based on an entirely dry cable technology, which replaces the gel-based filling and flooding compounds traditionally used to prevent the spread of water in outside plant cables.

This dry cable construction can help reduce fibre cable installation costs and improve safety and productivity, the company says. Cable preparation is streamlined because the fibres emerge from their buffer tubes ready for fusion splicing or optical testing, eliminating the need for cleaning products while also leaving the work area and tools safer and cleaner.

"With their continued focus on reducing costs, our EMEA customers who previously used gel-based cable designs can now realise the installation cost benefits of MiDia Dry FX cables," said Pierre Marty, executive vice-president sales and marketing for OFS.

MiDia Dry FX is currently available in three constructions containing up to 144 fibres and comes as standard with OFS' bend-insensitive AllWave+ fibre. Allwave fibre provides low optical loss across the entire spectrum from 1260–1625 nm, providing a 50 per cent increase in usable spectrum.

The product was unveiled at the FTTH Conference in Warsaw last week.



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