OptoTest unveils MXC adapters

OptoTest Corporation introduces LAAD-MXC Adapters, the first solution designed in conjunction with USConec specifically to accommodate MXC connectors, which can connect to any of our large area detectors to allow for effortless loss testing.

The LAAD series of adapters are designed to be interchangeable for precision testing of MXC, PRIZM LT, and MTP, as well as other common connector types such as LC, FC, and SC.
The LAAD-MXC-P is designed to accommodate USConec’s MXC plug connector and the LAAD-MXC-R was made to allow testing of USConec’s MXC receptacle connector.
When used in conjunction with OptoTest’s OP Series test equipment and OPL Series software, insertion loss measurements are the fastest in the industry, recording all test results in an easy-to-access format.
The LAAD-MXC Adapters are available now.


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