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Pre-staging service

Transmode, a supplier of packet-optical networking solutions, has announced the launch of its pre-staging service, designed to help service providers deploy networks quickly and more efficiently. The company says the service reduces on-site time, simplifies logistics and ensures quality by building, patching and configuring chassis in a controlled environment prior to shipping to site. Transmode has previously custom-built networks remotely for some clients but the company is now offering the new pre-staging service to all customers. The service facilitates a network roll-out by pre-building, pre-configuring and testing the exact network configuration in Transmode's facilities before shipping to the customer's premises. Dan Rydberg, the company's vice president for operations and customer service, said: 'We are seeing a trend that more and more of our customers asking to deploy their network equipment using a pre-staging service. The service will help our customers reduce network deployment time and speed up time to revenue. Specifically, it will reduce on-site time by up to 50 per cent compared to deployments that have not been pre-staged. 'Our pre-staging team performs the service in a controlled five step process that can be selected by our customers. We help define requirements, pre-build exact hardware configuration, configure software and test completed network, all before being clearly labelled and shipped to site.'


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