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Prysmian Ecoslim sustainable fibre optic system

Prysmian Group has launched a sustainable telecommunication system, the Ecoslim, using Sirocco HD and Sirocco Extreme  (XT) optical cables, which are available with up to 864 optical fibres. Sirocco HD cables are made with 50% less  plastics and are up to 25% smaller in diameter. 

Ecoslim also uses the new  generation of Easenet microducts, which are up to 90% made of reclaimed HDPE, which could result in up to 50% less usage of virgin plastics compared to more conventional duct solutions. In specific cases that have already been deployed in  the Netherlands, 14/10mm ducts have been replaced with smaller diameter 10/7mm ducts for the installation of  Sirocco HD and Sirocco Extreme cables with up to 192 optical fibres, enabling longer lengths of both cable and ducts  to be stored on a drum, resulting in up to 60% drum quantity reduction, therefore also reducing number of truckloads  and warehouse space by 60%.  


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