UTEL, an independent research and development company for telecommunications systems, has announced its new product, Robo-Cab, an innovative fully managed ADF system which Utel claims will revolutionise the future operation and management of FTTC.

UTEL is to unveil Robo-Cab at Broadband World Forum 2014, in Amsterdam. The system can fully automate the whole cabinet, including copper cross connect, VDSL splitter jumpering, copper line testing, VDSL DSLAM port testing and cross connect testing.

The complete copper network management system includes key components such as a 625x625 line to any ADF, copper and golden modem test head, test access switch and a remote powering up converter. 

'With data volumes on the rise as new technology trends, such as the Smart Home, are finally realised, the reliability of networks has never been more important for operators,' said Frank Kaufhold, Managing Director of UTEL. 'Robo-Cab eliminates the higher costs and risk of human error which come when manually managing interconnect technology. This will allow operators to take back control of their network management.'

Using Robo-Cab provides many business benefits, including eliminating OPEX and facilitating exceptional customer service; full automation of the provisioning and repair processes; providing remote 'no touch' cross connect and eliminating truck roles and human error.

'We developed Robo-Cab to give operators the choice of being able to continue to use established copper solutions to provide an interim solution whilst fibre infrastructure rollout is completed,' said Kaufhold. 'With copper lines still making up the majority of home connections, utilising them provides a cost-effective and economically-justified outcome.'

UTEL will be available to discuss how Robo-Cab can help copper network monitoring at Stand C1 at Broadband World Forum 2014, in Amsterdam, from Tuesday, October 21 to Thursday, October 23.


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