BKtel, a designer and manufacturer of hardware and services for FTTH, cable broadband networks and video distribution, has announced the release of the XON1200, its newest product to address the evolution of FTTH customer premises equipment (CPE).

The XON1200 is designed to address the main challenges currently existing in the FTTH industry: small footprint, low power consumption and reduced equipment and operational cost, especially in the installation and maintenance process.

BKtels latest housing allows a self-installation and a self-connection of the CPE by the untrained end customer. The company says the XON1200 can easily be inserted in the passive fibre termination unit XON30. No service personal are required for the initial installation or exchange; the CPE can be simply shipped to the end customer by mail. As long as no active device is installed the XON30 provides protection for fibres and connectors against dust and damage.

The active FTTH termination unit XON1200 enables the network operator to serve the end-customer only with the hardware actually required.


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