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MicroCare has announced an expansion of its Sticklers fibre optic cleaners with an innovative new cleaning product, the Sticklers Optical Grade Dust & Particle Remover.

The company says the new Sticklers Optical Grade Dust & Particle Remover has been specially developed to meet the needs of the fibre optic industry. Packaged in a GHS-compliant dispenser with safety phrases translated in 14 languages, it also is EU REACH-compliant. This makes it easy to incorporate the product into the mandatory hazard communication training programs required in most EU locations.

The product uses ultra-high purity non-flammable vapour to safely blow dust, lint, grit and moisture from connectors, cable access points, instrument enclosures and racks, and has been engineered to maximise cleaning making it quick and effective.

Since the cleaner is not a liquid, it is ideally suited to cleaning very delicate and inaccessible areas of fibre optic equipment, and after cleaning, it leaves no-residues. Producing an extremely high-pressure blast it ensures all the contamination is removed completely, quickly and effortlessly, says MicroCare.


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