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TENIO Fiber Closure System - 30 per cent faster deployment in 30 per cent less space

TENIOTM closures feature modular building blocks and combine proven fiber management hardware with a new sealing system to simplify training and reduce inventory. The closure’s 100-% mechanical, tool-less and intuitive design facilitates lower-skilled network deployments. Full modularity of the closure platform supports a phased CAPEX network deployment scheme, reducing up-front CAPEX investment. CommScope’s superior gel-sealing technology guarantees sealing for most available cable types. Designed for use with various cable constructions (loose buffer tube and microsheath), the closures deploy in any environment (aerial, pedestal, handhole, manhole). 
  • Small fiber count 
  • Specifically designed for last-mile splicing applications, configurations and form factors 
  • Tool-less, rapid installation 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Accommodates several fiber cable constructions


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