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View 900 cable antenna analyser from Inno Instrument introduced at Cable Tech Expo 2018

Inno Instrument has introduced its View 900 cable antenna analyser to the American market at this year’s Cable Tech Expo in Atlanta.

The analyser inspects communication defects and losses of various types of cell site transmission lines including cell phone base stations. It is used to measure and analyse the power loss ratio due to mismatch of antenna and RF cable, defect location of disconnection and RF cable damages.

With user convenience, alongside accurate and secure RF measurement capabilities, the View 900 features a high-resolution touch screen, intuitive user interface (GUI) composed of graphics, and a high-capacity battery that can be used for long periods of time.

Speaking at the event, Chris Layton, sales director of Inno Instrument America warned that test and measurement equipment has never been more important as the US fibre optic market moves towards a predicted $3.56 billion by 2025. He said: ‘We all know that with the incredible bandwidth demands being put on the network right across the US and globally, that fibres are going to be carrying unprecedented levels of traffic. Right now, we are talking about video, emails and calls but very soon a greater proportion of this traffic will be enabling the instant world of 5G, IoT and even AI. We must be ready and we must have a fibre network that is connected through world-class splicing techniques and backed up by the very best test and measurement. These requirements are not an option – they are mandatory if the world is to move forward and fully embrace the future.’


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