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XKL unveils DarkStar DST10-10 optical capacity extender

The latest product from XKL LLC, a provider of enterprise fibre-optic networking systems, extends existing network elements creating new capacity on full or near-capacity core fibre-optic networks.

A progression of the company’s DarkStar optical networking suite, the DST10-10 is a plug-and-play device that adds to existing Layer 1 transport networks and boosts bandwidth by pressing unused WDM channels into service, significantly increasing network capacity.

“Our latest product innovation fits any place a Layer 1 transport core is already in use and increases bandwidth to the network either by creating new spurs off the core or interoperating with existing optical transport equipment and filling in channels that are not efficiently used,” explained Chad Lamb, XKL’s director of engineering.

DarkStar’s DST10-10 capacity allows enterprises to add capacity to existing systems, including chassis that are already full. New channels can be added seamlessly into an existing network, allowing for expansion up to 96 channels. What’s more, the DST10-10 provides up to 100G per 1RU by introducing ten additional waves of 10G.

From an operational perspective, the product has been optimised for existing network administrators to operate and manage. The command line interface (CLI) looks and feels like that of existing networking equipment. The system runs at 70W per 1RU box.


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