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Maximising duct efficiency: The Key Technologies of SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) cable and SZ Bunching

The Key Technologies of SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) cable and SZ Bunching

The Key Technologies of SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) cable and SZ Bunching: A White Paper from Webro, in partnership with Fujikura

As fibre infrastructure expands across the world, the total data traffic has been rapidly increasing. As a result, the fibre optic cable industry has seen a significant increase in demand from customers for higher fibre count cables. But creating additional conduit space can be expensive, making high-density cables an essential solution for optimising duct use. 

The White Paper from Webro, in partnership with Fujikura, introduces Fujikura’s Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) with SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) cable and SZ Bunching as key technologies, demonstrating their significant impact on reducing costs and optimising existing infrastructure for optical network operators.

Who should read this White Paper?

This White Paper is essential reading for stakeholders involved in fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) deployment. Network designers, planners, CTOs, CEOs, systems integrators, senior engineers and any other decision makers when it comes to selecting network technology should download this White Paper to find out how to best optimise their network infrastructure.

Why download this White Paper?

This White Paper:

  • Offers an outline of trends in data traffic as FTTx expands globally
  • Discusses the operational challenges of deploying FTTH as the demand grows for cables with the highest fibre counts
  • Introduces WTC with SWR cable and SZ Bunching technologies
  • Demonstrates how these technologies can help fibre optic network operators reduce costs and optimise existing infrastructure 
  • Outlines how SWR’s special structure and manufacturing methods aid useability, particularly when it comes to mass fusion splicing, identifying, separating into single fibres, and removing bonding resin.

What is Fujikura’s WTC with SWR and how can it help to optimise network infrastructure?
WTC with SWR is a ribboned optical fibre product. It has a fully dry central core cable, which enables 12-fibre mass fusion splicing, and can drastically reduce cable diameter and weight. Ribbon fibre facilitates the simultaneous splicing of 12 fibres, which reduces installation time significantly by up to 72% versus the traditional practice of splicing individual fibres.

Wrapping Tube Cable (WTC) and SpiderWeb Ribbon (SWR) Fibre are registered trademarks of Fujikura.


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