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M-net expands fibre optic network in Buttenwiesen with 1,700 new connections

M-net expands fibre optic network

M-net expands fibre optic network (Credit: Alphaspirit/

Bavarian fibre optic network provider M-net is expanding its fibre optic network in the municipality of Buttenwiesen in the Swabian district of Dillingen an der Donau.  

Over the next four years, around 1,700 households and commercial units in the community will be connected to fibre optic lines. miecom will lay the new fibre optic cables over an underground length of 34km. Construction will start in the third quarter of this and will take an estimated 48 months. 

Since 2013, miecom and M-net have both worked to expand and improve the digital infrastructure in Buttenwiesen as part of several fibre optic expansion projects. Silvia Kleinscheck, M-net regional manager says: "With the FTTB/H expansion, the citizens and companies in Buttenwiesen are well prepared for the digital future. Because in contrast to all copper-based connection technologies, a pure fiber optic connection also masters the long-term requirements that we all face with the increasing digitisation of our society."

Tobias Miessl from miecom adds: "The FTTB/H expansion that has now been agreed represents the final stage of expansion and creates the technological basis for future ever faster Internet connections. We are very pleased to continue the successful cooperation with the community of Buttenwiesen that has lasted for more than a decade."

According to the 1st Mayor of Buttenwiesen, Hans Kaltner: "The fibre optic expansion is an important component of services of general interest and thus also for the future viability of our community. We are all the more pleased that we were able to win over two strong regional partners to strengthen Buttenwiesen as a living and economic area for the future with a new high-speed network.”


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