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OIF celebrates 20th anniversary with logo refresh

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA - For 20 years, OIF has worked closely with network operators, system vendors, component vendors and test equipment vendors to collaborate, test and validate the interoperability of the electrical, optical and control solutions that directly impact the industry.

Through live interoperability demonstrations, Implementation Agreements (IAs), worldwide multi-vendor demonstrations, liaison relationships, technical meetings and much more, OIF’s dynamic membership of 100+ companies has brought about significant forward change in the industry.

From its interoperability work in coherent transmission and enabling optical subcomponents to today’s hottest industry topics – 400ZR, Common Electrical I/O (CEI)-112G and Flex Ethernet (FlexE) – OIF and its members’ work advances new technologies and industry interoperability.

In recognition of 20 years of accomplishments and continued market impact, OIF refreshed its logo to reflect its timeless, no-nonsense, authoritative role in the industry.

‘The benefits of OIF are immeasurable but obvious – OIF interoperability work improves network efficiency and performance, expands markets and sets the stage to enable new capabilities based on open, disaggregated networks,’ said Jimmy Yu, vice president, Dell’Oro Group. ‘For the past 20 years, OIF has been a major contributor to maintaining a healthy optical ecosystem with their expertise and timely work in areas such as coherent DWDM transmission, transport SDN, and interoperability.’

‘OIF’s role is timeless and its work is timely. Whether it was IAs from ten years ago or last year’s worldwide interoperability demo or our live interop demos coming up at OFC next week – OIF plays a critical part in the industry,’ said Nathan Tracy of TE Connectivity and OIF president. ‘We look forward to future advancements and continuing our great work addressing technology interoperability gaps and solving technical challenges to move the industry forward.’


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