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Virgin Media full-fibre broadband brought to 6,900 Stirling homes

Virgin Media full fibre brought to 6900 Stirling homes

Virgin Media has brought full-fibre to 6900 Stirling homes

The network will allow residents to access Virgin Media’s services, which offer top speeds of 1,130Mb/s. These services are now available locally following a multi million-pound investment from nexfibre to build new full-fibre connections in the area. The network has been built as part of a £4.5bn investment by nexfibre to deliver FTTH connections to 5 million homes across the UK by 2026, with the option of expanding to an additional 2 million homes. Virgin Media is using this network to deliver its broadband and TV Stream services to homes and businesses in the area. 

The investment was welcomed by local MP, Alyn Smith, on a recent site visit where he met representatives from both nexfibre and Virgin Media O2. Smith says: “I welcome the latest investment in Stirling that will ensure my constituents have access to some of the UK’s fastest broadband speeds. It was great to meet with representatives from both Virgin Media O2 and nexfibre to discuss the progress they have made so far, as well as the plans they have to make gigabit broadband available to even more residents in the area.”

Fernando Molina, Chief Technology & Information Officer at nexfibre says: “By investing in the City of Stirling, nexfibre will enable thousands of households and businesses to access the benefits of ultrafast broadband, including being able to participate in the local economy and connect with their communities.We are on a mission to build and expand our network in suburban and semi-rural areas and look forward to continuing to do so in the areas surrounding Stirling, helping to close the digital divide and boost opportunities for thousands of people.”

Julie Agnew, Managing Director of Fixed Network Expansion at Virgin Media O2 says: “Nearly 7,000 homes and businesses in Stirling can now feel the benefit of Virgin Media’s services - with packages that include everything from next generation gigabit broadband to easy-to-use TV streaming and entertainment services. These ultra reliable full-fibre to the home broadband connections come with speeds up to 25 times faster than local average – providing local people with total peace of mind that whatever they’re doing online, their connection won’t slow them down.” 

The partnership between nexfibre and Virgin Media O2 also recently saw them acquire alternative fibre network operator (altnet), Upp, following a successful collaboration in which Virgin Media started offering XGS-PON broadband services as a build supplier and wholesale customer of the nexfibre.



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