Fiber Optic Center

Fiber Optic Center

Experts from Fiber Optic Center (booth 3309) will be performing demonstrations at OFC 2017 at the ‘FOC Cleaving Station’, with three key pieces of equipment: Phenix Fibersect mechanical connector cleaver, Cometx laser cleaving system, and OptiSaber MT laser cleaver. Appointments can be made via Kathleen Skelton, and walk-ups are welcomed to see both demos and booth presentations on ‘Termination Process, Connectors and Cleaving’.

FOC launches communications industry glossary

Fiber Optic Center (FOC), a supplier of all equipment needed for the automated production of fibre-optic cable assemblies, has added a comprehensive industry glossary to its website.

Containing more than 3,600 entries and more than 2000 abbreviations, the FOC glossary includes military specifications for connectors in addition to general terms and definitions. The resource covers fibre, cable, wire, optics, assembly, connectors, electrical, data communications and testing terms, as well as the FOC ancillary expert areas of polymers, chemicals, lapping film, adhesives and epoxies.

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