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The rise of the data centre has arguably driven much of the demand for greater bandwidth and higher data rates. What does it mean for the components market?


Optoscribe offers ultra-low crosstalk multicore fibre fan-out

Scottish company Optoscribe has added an ultra-low crosstalk option to its 3D Optofan series of multicore fibre fanout cables.

Designed for applications in the field of spatial division multiplexing (SDM), these cables connect the multiple cores in a multi-core fibres to separate singlemode fibres. They are a key component in the development of such systems, which offer the potential for extremely high data rates.

Optoscribe designs photonic lantern for OFS few mode fibre

Optoscribe, a specialist in 3D waveguide technology, has released a significant upgrade to its 3D MMux photonic lantern – a device that provides an interface between singlemode and multimode components used in spatial division multiplexing (SDM).

The upgraded product has been designed and tailored to suit the latest high-performance, low-differential group delay (DGD) few mode fibre technology from OFS, without requiring any external optics.

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