Optoscribe offers ultra-low crosstalk multicore fibre fan-out

Scottish company Optoscribe has added an ultra-low crosstalk option to its 3D Optofan series of multicore fibre fanout cables.

Designed for applications in the field of spatial division multiplexing (SDM), these cables connect the multiple cores in a multi-core fibres to separate singlemode fibres. They are a key component in the development of such systems, which offer the potential for extremely high data rates.

The new cable was developed as part of the European-Commission-funded INSPACE project that aims to develop a complete optical system based on SDM concepts. By carefully controlling the 3D waveguide layout inside the component, stray light is minimised, resulting in a reduced crosstalk within the fanout of better than 75dB.

The 3D Optofan family offers a broad flat spectral response with high throughput and minimal insertion losses, Optoscribe says. The products are robustly packaged and can be easily customised to suit a variety of multicore fibre types, thanks to the inherent flexibility of Optoscribe’s 3D waveguide manufacturing process.


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