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Pass the test

Keely Portway examines the latest 400ZR implementation agreement and asks, what does it mean for test and measurement?

Optical Signal-Conditioning Enables Coherent Module Testing

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Matthew Adams, Sr. Product Manager VIAVI Solutions, Lab & Production Test Business Unit

Today's network bandwidth demand is being enabled by advanced DSP engines. Increasing deployed bandwidth is accomplished through two factors; a pure baud rate / data rate increase per channel and an adaptability to accommodate many different and changing network topologies.  To enable the flexibility required in todays network, these DSP’s not only adapt in real time to a wide range of network impairments (i.e. loss, noise, distance, dispersion), but also report the values they are compensating for.  This dramatically simplifies network planning and monitoring. 

Tools of the trade

Keely Portway takes a look at what fibre engineers consider to be the most essential characteristics for test and measurement equipment, and how vendors are designing-out complexity to meet this demand


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