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25G PON successfully trialled in Spain

Telefonica Spain has successfully trailed 25G PON technology in a trial thought to be the first in Spain to demonstrate symmetric speeds of 20Gb/s.

Telefonica has almost 60 million FTTH homes passed already deployed in its multiple business units. The company selected Nokia’s 25G PON solution, including Lightspan and ISAM access nodes, Quillion based Multi-PON line cards and fibre modems.

The trial has also validated that current GPON and XGS-PON broadband technologies can co-exist on the same fibre with the 25G PON. By adopting 25G PON, Telefonica aims to achieve the higher speeds and lower latency to get the network ready for future applications such as the Metaverse.

Gonzalo Garzón, Head of Fixed Access at Telefónica España at Telefonica, explains: “Telefonica was the first operator in Spain to provide gigabit connectivity, but we are not stopping there. Consumer bandwidth demands never halts and exciting applications, like VR gaming, will always be evolved to make the most of available bandwidth. New FTTH technologies give us even more opportunities than home connectivity. With their massive uptick in capacity we’ll be able to offer new business services on the same network.”

Bjorn Capens, VP Europe, Nokia Fixed Networks, adds: “Thanks to our Quillion chipset, this 25G PON proof of concept with Telefonica has demonstrated that the huge bandwidth-capacity can be easily added to their existing networks, co-existing with their existing PON technologies. This means customers on the same fibre line can be served with GPON, XGS-PON or 25G GPON, making it much easier to manage upgrade cycles.”


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