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ADVA Optical boosts DCI capacity for Telehouse America

ADVA Optical Networking has announced that Telehouse America, a global leader for data centres and international internet exchanges, is using the vendor’s data centre interconnect (DCI) platform to boost capacity between its New York service locations and New York colocation facilities. The equipment was turned on last month, the vendor says.

Based on the ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect, the upgraded infrastructure transports data at 100Gb/s and can scale to 400Gb/s with ADVA’s QuadFlex coherent technology, which enables a single chassis to support multi-terabit transmissions over long distances without the need for signal regeneration. It also features ADVA’s open optical layer, which disaggregates the terminal functions and line system, allowing the customer to evolve and optimise each network layer separately (see ADVA shipping open line system for direct-detect DCI).

Designed for bandwidth optimisation, the FSP 3000 CloudConnect platform offers ‘unrivalled’ efficiency, as it delivers significant energy savings and, with its incredibly small footprint, occupies very little rack space, ADVA claims. What’s more, the platform has a modular design, ensuring that the new metro network is ready to scale to 400Gb/s and beyond whenever Telehouse America’s customers demand.

‘With ADVA’s unrivalled DCI technology and the drive and expertise of its team, we’re addressing soaring bandwidth demand for our NYIIX Internet exchange points,’ commented Akio Sugeno, VP, internet engineering, operations and business development, Telehouse America. ‘The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect is empowering us to connect our customers’ data with more efficiency, more agility and much more speed. The new solution enables us to easily deliver multi-terabit capacity over diversely routed and protected fibre links. Its small footprint and high density are key features, along with its innate capacity to scale. Now we know we have a future-proof solution that will grow alongside the ambitions of our customers.’

John Scherzinger, senior VP, sales, North America, ADVA, added: ‘With this deployment, NYIIX is taking peering in the Northeastern United States to a whole new level. Our FSP 3000 CloudConnect is all about secure high-capacity connectivity ready to scale with the growing needs of businesses and we’re honoured that it’s playing a major role in what Telehouse America is achieving in New York.’


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