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Keymile names Lothar Schwemm as CTO

HANOVER, GERMANY – Keymile, a leading supplier of telecommunications systems for broadband access has appointed Lothar Schwemm its new CTO and managing director. As an acclaimed expert in ICT systems he will sharpen the focus on broadband systems.

Lothar Schwemm became the Keymile group’s CTO and Keymile GmbH’s additional managing director from 1 October 2017. He is therefore in charge of the technological side of the company. In conjunction with the other members of the management team, he is focusing on developing and growing the company’s broadband systems business. Following the sale of the mission-critical communications network portfolio, Keymile is now investing exclusively in research and development for the broadband sector. Under Lothar Schwemm’s technological stewardship, the company will specifically develop its portfolio and add new technologies to it; the focus will in particular be on passive optical and software-defined networks.

Before joining Keymile, Lothar Schwemm spearheaded the sales and technology department of FRIWO AG, a company listed on the stock exchange and an international manufacturer of charging devices, power packs and power supply units. From 1993 to 2012 Lothar Schwemm held various executive positions at Nokia, the last of which was as vice president in charge of global product management for mobile telephony base stations. Lothar Schwemm’s career started in 1983 at AEG Telefunken where he trained to be an electronics technician for energy plants and went on to study telecommunications engineering at a later date.

"One of my goals is to implement the broadband strategy successfully. In addition to expanding the portfolio to include PON systems and boosting voice migration technology, Keymile’s positioning in terms of programmable, virtualised, software-defined access network technologies is another focus. The latter includes designing and implementing open-source broadband architecture as part of a partner eco system,” says Lothar Schwemm. "I’m looking forward to a new challenge in a customer-centric medium-sized company and am absolutely confident that the portfolio is future-proof.”


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