NextGenAccess selects Keymile MSAN for broadband roll-out

HANOVER, GERMANY – Hertfordshire-based network operator and internet provider NextGenAccess is taking part in the Local Full Fibre Networks (LFFN) and Connect Westminster broadband delivery programmes. The company is using KEYMILE’s IP-MSAN (IP Multi Service Access Node) MileGate to provide SMEs with ultra-fast broadband in the UK wide delivery areas.

Local Full Fibre Networks Programme is a £200m UK Government scheme to deliver new full fibre networks and Westminster City Council has secured £2.8m from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to deliver gigabit-capable broadband connections in London’s Westminster and West End. In both scheme’s local SMEs can receive vouchers to help finance their connections. The internet provider will connect companies interested with KEYMILE’s IP-based multi-service MileGate access node which enables broadband internet access in the gigabit range. The stipulations laid down in the funding scheme are easily fulfilled. These state that the broadband connection has to be able to achieve at least 30Mbps, but in principle can be configured in such a way that gigabit speeds are achievable. Network operators like NextGenAccess can use MileGate via long range vectoring, VDSL2/vectoring, Ethernet-P2P (active optical fibre network) or GPON (passive optical fibre network) not just to provide ultra-fast internet access, but IPTV and VoIP too.

NextGenAccess operates in 63 exchange areas with feeder distribution interfaces in the UK and can therefore connect 700,000 buildings with copper lines or optical fibres. To do so the company uses its own lines in the BT Openreach Network and can therefore provide extensive optical fibre projects quickly and reliably.

"We’ve been collaborating with KEYMILE for more than a year and respect the company as a reliable and professional business partner. MileGate allows us to provide high-performance broadband access, telephony and data interfaces from one single, compact IP/Ethernet-based multi-service access platform. We have been delivering ultra-fast 10 Gigabit services across the KEYMILE platform to end customers since April this year without a single fault”, says Kenny Roberts, technical director at NextGenAccess in Hertfordshire. "We’ve developed an excellent working relationship with KEYMILE that we want to build on and in future.”

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